Accutest is a full service test laboratory located in Vadodara, India, specializing in Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) testing. We test for compliance with most Indian and International EMC compliance requirements such as the America (FCC) (Canada), Europe (CE Mark), Asia (VCCI) (KCC)(BSMI). We test for a variety of equipment including Information Technology, wireless devices, telecommunication and medical device testing, Accutest Systems has a 10 meter (OATS) and as well as a 3meter Semi Anechoic Chamber. We also have two immunity chambers for radiated immunity and broadband immunity testing such as EFT, ESD and surge test per various requirements including CE Marking.

We provide excellent service and efficient EMC testing at very competitive rates. We also provide consulting service to find a suitable solution if your product is not compliant at initial testing. Please contact us if you have need for any additional information.

Electromagnetic Compatibility - EMC

Definition of EMC: "It is the ability of an equipment or system to function satisfactorily in its electromagnetic environment without introducing intolerable electromagnetic disturbances to anything in that environment". This definition implies that the equipment not only should limit its noise emissions but it should also function reliably when exposed to electromagnetic noise emitted by other equipment where it is installed.

Electromagnetic Interference - EMI

Definition of EMI: "Degradation of the performance of an equipment, transmission channel or system caused by an electromagnetic disturbance". EMI is an older term used to describe the performance degradation of an electronic equipment due to electromagnetic noise, generated from an internal or external source. Prior to EMI, the term RFI was commonly used.

Radio Frequency Interference - RFI

Early years of electronics used relatively lower frequency circuits. Interference was caused almost exclusively by radio frequency spectrum of the electromagnetic energy. Therefore, it was assumed to be the cause of all interference and the term RFI used. Over the period of time, some interference also was found to be associated with AF (audio frequency) electromagnetic energy and then EMI was considered more appropriate.