Consulting Services

From the identification of regulatory specifications, to product classification, to design review, to testing, to EMC design modification, to regulatory compliance..

Accutest Systems has many levels of service to meet your needs.

Don't get stuck in an endless loop of testing - modifying - testing - modifying.....By the time the product finally passes, it may already be obsolete!

Talk to our specialists today to find out how Compatible Electronics can "Help you meet the market window"

Service Offerings

Accutest Systems can help you with expert consultation in many ways, from the design stages of your product, through testing for compliance, to the final step of agency approval.

A sample of some of the ways we are helping our clients are:

  • The generation of EMC control plans
  • EMC test plans and test reports
  • Investigation and solution of all electromagnetic compatiblility problems
  • Consulting to UL, CSA and EN safety standards

Our consulting services ensure that your product is designed correctly and eliminate expensive rework to meet regulatory compliance.

To setup an initial consultation please call +91 72650 80007 / +91 72650 80002 or email to